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Moved from Hanover, Pa. to the corner of Park St. and Madison Ave. (s/w corner), Waynesboro, Pa. and started manufacturing Deca Disc phonographs Oct. 4, 1922.  The new model Deca Disc talking machine played ten records without changing and continuing to do so until stopped. Paul Bodwell was the manager of the plant. Machines were shipped to all parts of the world including New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore and many European countries.

The first nickel coin-op Deca Disc machine was placed in Croft’s Drug Store, Waynesboro in March 1923.

By January 1923, the workforce of twenty-nine men were producing two machines each day.

The cabinets, electric motor and tone arm were purchased from manufacturers specializing in that type of equipment. All other parts, many stamped out on punch presses, were made here in Waynesboro.  Punches, dies and jigs were made by Deca Disc toolmakers.

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1926 Mark H. Landis (Landis Program Clocks) was Deca Disc president.  New designs were developed and the Deca Disc Creatone phonograph was being considered for use in theatres for the sound systems.

1929  Creatone Pipe Organs with Deca Disc equipment were being constructed at the Deca Disc laboratory in Waynesboro. One was displayed in the Citizens National Bank and the Anthony Wayne Hotel in Waynesboro. “Fulamatic Creatone” sound equipment and reproducers were used at the Arcade Theatre in Waynesboro.


Deca Disc made a complete line of theatre equipment for synchronizing sound and moving pictures.

In a Deca Disc advertisement some models of the Creatone were combination radio-phonographs.

1929-32  saw the decline of Deca Disc.  Two reasons:  Stock Market crash of 1929 and secondly progress had been made in placing sound track on movie film.  Also there was stiff competition from Wurlitzer, Seeburg and others in the juke-box field.

1932  The Deca Disc company and personal effects were sold off at public auction to the Waynesboro Nipple Works.  The real estate was sold to the First National Bank & Trust Company, Waynesboro.

*Above Information from "A Reflection OF The History Of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania and Vicinity Vol. III" by Carl V. Besore and Robert L. Ringer Copyright 1996.

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