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Please enjoy the attached video. (Click on the music note in the lower right corner if you'd like to hear it play.) It's a live recording being played as you read about the phonograph. Sounds just wonderful!

Contact me for any further information. 

Ultra rare 1916  2nd model Sonora Supreme in Circassian Walnut.  Currently this is only one of two known Circassian Walnut Sonora Supreme's in existence. The mahogany Sonora Supreme listed for sale at $1000 but the Circassian Walnut was a higher premium and few were ordered. The case measures 52" tall x 24 1/2" wide x 24 1/2" deep. It is complete with both reproducers and other accessories pictured. The case has been professionally cleaned leaving the original finish intact.  I purchased this from the family who acquired it from the original owner, Mr. H. Leh of Allentown, Pa. The Leh's were a family who were famous in the Allentown area for operating a department store from the late 1800's until the early 1990's. Mr. Leh purchased this Sonora Supreme from the Grimley store located right next to the Leh flagship department store.  Grimley was a dealer for Sonora phonographs. I have evidence of all this provenance which will be included with the sale of this beautiful phonograph. Please enjoy the attached video.  It's a live recording being played as you read about the phonograph. Sounds just wonderful!  Contact me for any further information.

Serial# 3908. Beautifully restored. Bombay sides and front.
All fancy details and carvings intact.
Rebuilt reproducer. Gold plating is excellent.
Cabinet measures 46″ tall x 22″ wide x 24″ deep.
Plays very nice and quiet.
Contact me for further details and shipping/delivery info.


Serial# 507 Probably only a few made.
Sold by Ormond Music Shop Herchenroder Bros., Brooklyn, N.Y.
Black Lacquer with Handpainted Oriental Motif on all sides, top and back.
Universal electric motor has been removed, taken apart, serviced and minor re-wiring.
Bronze hardware is very nice.

Victrola No. 2 reproducer and automatic shutoff.
Interior light bulb lights up when lid is lifted or can be lit with pull chain.
Cabinet measures 47″ tall x 22″ wide x 22 1/2″ deep. Very heavy.
Some paint wear but overall a dazzling phonograph. Plays nice and quiet.


Provenance: Bob Johnson Collection
Low serial number and features the pullout needle drawer.
Complete with record boxes in excellent condition.
Beautiful mint original finish and excellent goldplating.

Key included.
Vic. 6 motor is so clean you could eat off of it!
Assuredly, the best example of this model you will find!


Serial# 8654. Manufactured Feb. 1, 1908
Original finish. Beautiful ribbon mahogany in the trademark “V” pattern in the lower doors.
Excellent gold plated original hardware. Original casters.
Reproducer has been rebuilt and plays loud with no air loss.
Original 3 spring motor has been serviced.
Cabinet measures 48″ tall x 22 1/2″ deep x 21″ wide.
A full original record box set in excellent condition is included.
Supplied with the original Victor wreath lid lock key.



Complete with the appropriate record albums in very nice condition.
Beautiful original finish and condition.

Excellent goldplating. Key included.
The carved details are intact and complete.
The best example of this rare Circassian Walnut model you will find.



The "Sonora Supreme" phonograph manufactured circa 1915-1916 at the New York Fifth Ave. Salon of the Sonora Phonograph Corporation.  The sticker price was $1000!!  Sonora manufactured these elegantly carved and large all bombe side mahogany machines to compete with the best manufactured cabinet phonographs in the day.  It dwarfs a Victor VV-XVIII in size.


Among collectors, this machine and matching record storage cabinet are highly sought after and rarely seen let alone offered for sale.


Sonora contracted with Paillard of Switzerland to build a custom gold-plated motor to accompany this machine.  The phonograph incorporated large heavy springs to play many records on a single winding.  In fact,  with the Supreme machine there is a spring strength meter/gauge which allows the user to see just how many records can still be played.  I serviced and cleaned this motor and the gauge works properly. The motor runs very quiet!

There is a volume control knob on the side and an automatic braking mechanism to stop the turntable at the end of the record .


This machine came with two highly carved wooden tonearms with two different reproducers.  One reproducer played standard disc records and the other reproducer played Pathe disc records.  The record albums inside this Supreme phonograph are not Sonora record albums.   


The phonograph and matching cabinet were professionally and "Correctly" refinished.  They both are as gorgeous as the day they left the factory. Included in the deal is numerous original full unopened needle packs and misc. original paperwork.


Price:  SOLD


There may be more items for sale on eBay under my seller name: Metrosam.

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